Type in Javascript code and click “Execute”. The code is executed in its own local scope. Variables declared with the var keyword are therefore not preserved between executions. To declare a global variable you should set it as an attribute of the global object (self).

Use the function log(variable) to write values to the log at the bottom of this document. Click “Clear Log” to remove the logged values. This will not remove error messages. Previous error messages are removed whenever you click “Execute”. If there is an error message after you clicked “Execute” it was caused by your current code.

The functions id(elementId) and tags(tagName) are shortcuts for document.getElementById(elementId) and document.getElementsByTagName(tagName), respectively. id() can also be used with multiple arguments. It will then return an associative array containing the elements.

Click “Edit HTML Code” to test HTML code fragments.

Press Shift+Enter in a textarea to apply (set markup code / execute javascript code). In the code textarea press Shift+Backspace to clear log.

The Javascript Executor was written by Frank Bruder. Visit http://purl.org/net/2008,frankbruder/home