Murders being committed, even extremely gruesome and apparently motiveless ones, is something Atano is used to. But there are those cases which are different yet. Those you will not read about in the papers. Murders some of which provide more insight into the secrets of this city than certain people would wish to allow for.


Below I provide the link to the first and currently the only (yet unfinished) story of the series. I also listed some more working titles of planned stories. The episode's index links to each chapter's start. When viewing a page of the comic basic navigation consists of one forward link at the lower right and one backward link at the lower left. At the upper left there's a navigation bar providing additional functionality. From there you can also switch to a version showing complementary text comments by me.


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The Acid Murderer - Chapter 1, In Atano's Sewer System, as a SMIL animation.

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